Description Size Code
Aceto Iodine Solution 4 Litre AILA.4L
Acetone alcohol See also Gram Decolouriser 500ml AGD.500ML
Acetone alcohol See also Gram Decolouriser 4 Litre AGD.4L
Acetone AR 500ml AA.500ML
Acetone AR 4 Litre AA.4L
Acetone AR 20 Litre AA.20L
Acid Alcohol 1% (HCl) 2.5 Litre AAAH.2.5L
Acid Alcohol 1% (HCl) 5 Litre AAAH.5L
Acid Alcohol 2% (HCl) 2.5 Litre AAAH2.2.5L
Acid Alcohol 2% (HCl) 5 Litre AAAH2.5L
Acid Alcohol 3% (HCl) 500ml AAAH3.500ML
Acid Alcohol 3% (HCl) 2.5 Litre AAAH3.2.5L
Acid Alcohol 3% (HCl) 5 Litre AAAH3.5L
Acid Alcohol 3% Sulphuric For Micro ZN 500ml AAAZNM.500ML
Acid Alcohol 3% Sulphuric For Micro ZN 1 Litre AAAZNM.1L
Acid Alcohol Wheatley 0.5% 2.5 Litre AAAW.2.5L
Acid Fuchsin 1% 100ml 100ml AACF.100ML
Auramine 0.3% Phenol 500ml AAUR.500ML
Auramine 0.3% Phenol 1 Litre AAUR.1L
Auramine 0.3% Phenol 2.5 Litre AAUR.2.5L
Auramine 0.3% Phenol 5 Litre AAUR.5L
Auramine Decolouriser 500ml AAURD.500ML
Auramine Decolouriser 1 Litre AAURD.1L
Auramine Decolouriser 2.5 Litre AAURD.2.5L
Auramine Rhodamine Stain (Truant) 500ml AAR.500ML
Auramine Rhodamine Stain (Truant) 1 Litre AAR.1L
Auramine Rhodamine Stain (Truant) 2.5 Litre AAR.2.5L
Auramine Rhodamine(Vidral Mod) 500ml AAURVID.500ML
Auramine Rhodamine(Vidral Mod) 1 Litre AAURVID.1L

Description Size Code
Basic Fuchsin 0.5% Aq 250ml ABF05.500ML
Basic Fuchsin 0.5% Aq 500ml ABF05.500ML
Beibrich Scarlet 1% Aq 250ml ABS.250ML
Beibrich Scarlet 1% Aq 500ml ABS.500ML
Bouin’s Fluid 500ml ABF.500ML
Bouin’s Fluid 1 Litre ABF.1L
Bouin’s Fluid 2.5 Litre ABF.2.5L
Brilliant Crystal Scarlet 1% 250ml ABCS.250ML
Brilliant Crystal Scarlet 1% 500ml ABCS.500ML

Description Size Code
Carbol Fuchsin 0.3% (ASM) 500ml ACFZ3.500ML
Carbol Fuchsin 0.3% (ASM) 1 Litre ACFZ3.1L
Carbol Fuchsin 0.3% (ASM) 2.5 Litre ACFZ3.2.5L
Carbol Fuchsin Kinyoun 500ml ACFK.500ML
Carbol Fuchsin Kinyoun 2.5 Litre ACFK.2.5L
Carbol Fuchsin ZN. Also referrred to as “Strong”or “Conc.Carbol Fuchsin”. See also Neufuchsin 500ml ACFZ.500ML
Carbol Fuchsin ZN. Also referrred to as “Strong”or “Conc.Carbol Fuchsin”. See also Neufuchsin 1 Litre ACFZ.1L
Carbol Fuchsin ZN. Also referrred to as “Strong”or “Conc.Carbol Fuchsin”. See also Neufuchsin 2.5 Litre ACFZ.2.5L
Carbol Fuchsin ZN. Also referrred to as “Strong”or “Conc.Carbol Fuchsin”. See also Neufuchsin 5 Litre ACFZ.5L
Carbol Thionin 500ml ACT.500ML
Carbol Thionin 1 Litre ACT.1L
Crystal Violet 0.5% Gram’s 500ml ACV.500ML
Crystal Violet 0.5% Gram’s 1 Litre ACV.1L
Crystal Violet 0.5% Gram’s 2.5 Litre ACV.2.5ML
Crystal Violet 0.5% Gram’s 5 Litre ACV.5L
Crystal Violet 1% Hucker & Conn 250ml ACVH.250ML
Crystal Violet 1% Hucker & Conn 500ML ACVH.500ML
Crystal Violet 1% Hucker & Conn 1 Litre ACVH.1L
Crystal Violet 1% Hucker & Conn 2.5 Litre ACVH.2.5L
Crystal Violet 1% Lillie 2.5 Litre ACVL.2.5L

Description Size Code
Diff Quick:- See Rapid Diff. - -
Dilute Basic Fuchsin 500ml ACFD.500ML
Dilute Basic Fuchsin 1 Litre ACFD.1L
Dilute Basic Fuchsin 2.5 Litre ACFD.2.5L
Dilute Basic Fuchsin 5 Litre ACFD.5L

Description Size Code
Ethyl Acetate GPR 500ml AEA.500L
Ethyl Acetate GPR 4 Litre AEA.4ML

Description Size Code
Faecal Collection Vials:- See SAF, will also Customise. - -
Faecal Parasite Kit (3 day protocol, includes M&C with OCP/SAF and Instruction Sheet) - AFP.K
Fast Green 2% in 0.2% Acetic 100ml AFG2.100ML
Fast Green 2% in 0.2% Acetic 250ml AFG2.250ML
Fast Green Twort’s A 500ml AFGT.500ML
Ferric Chloride 10% 500ml AFECL.500ML
Ferric Chloride 10% Acidified 500ml AFECLA.500ML
Field’s Stain “A” 500ml AFA.500ML
Field’s Stain “A” 2.5 Litre AFA.2.5L
Field’s Stain “B” 500ml AFB.500ML
Field’s Stain “B” 2.5 Litre AFB.2.5ML
Formal Saline x8 Concentrate (2.5L makes 20L working fixative) 2.5 Litre AFSC.2.5L
Formaldehyde 37-40% 2.5 Litre AF.2.5L
Formaldehyde 37-40% 5 Litre AF.5L
Formaldehyde 37-40% 20 Litre AF.20L
Formol Saline Fixative 2.5 Litre AFS.2.5L
Formol Saline Fixative 5 Litre AFS.5L

Description Size Code
Gram Stain Kit. (Contains 1x500ml Gram Crystal Violet, 2x500ml Lugol’s Iodine, 2x500ml Gram Decolouriser,1x500ml Saffranin) ea AG.K
Gram’s Crystal Violet:- See Crystal Violet 0.5% - -
Gram’s - -
Gram’s Decolouriser (Acetone Ethanol) 500ml AGD.4L
Gram’s Decolouriser (Acetone Ethanol) 4 Litre AGD.500ML
Gram’s Decolouriser (Preston & Morell) 500ml AGDP.500ML
Gram’s Decolouriser (Preston & Morell) 4 Litre AGDP.4L
Gram’s Iodine 500ml AIG.500ML
Gram’s Iodine 4 Litre AIG.4L

Description Size Code
Haematoxylin Weigert’s A 250ml AHWA.250ml
Haematoxylin Weigert’s A 500ml AHWA.500ml
Haematoxylin Weigert’s A 1 Litre AHWA.1L
Haematoxylin Weigert’s B 1Litr 250ML AHWB.1L
Haematoxylin Weigert’s B 1Litr 500ML AHWB.250ML
Haematoxylin Weigert’s B 1Litr 1 Litre AHWB.500ML

Description Size Code
Iodine Gram (Modified Langeron & Masson 1934 &1949, for Cherukian Schenck Gram Method) 500ml AIGCS.500ML
Iodine:- See also Gram’s, Gram’s Mod Langeron/Masson, Lugol’s, Jensen’s, Aceto - -
Iodine - -
Iron Haematoxylin:- See Haematoxylin Weigert’s A&B - -

Description Size Code
Jensen’s Iodine 500ml AIJ.500ML
Jensen’s Iodine 4 Litre AIJ.4L

Description Size Code
Kernechtrot Red Nuclear Stain 250ml AKR.250ML
Kernechtrot Red Nuclear Stain 500ml AKR.500ML
Kinyoun’s Carbol Fuchsin 500ml ACFK.500ML
Kinyoun’s Carbol Fuchsin 2.5 Litre ACFK.2.5L

Description Size Code
Lactophenol Cotton Blue 100ml ALCB.100ML
Lactophenol Cotton Blue 250ml ALCB.250ML
Lactophenol Cotton Blue 500ml ALCB.500ML
Leishman’s Stain 500ml AL.500ML
Leishman’s Stain 1 Litre AL.1L
Light Green Counterstain 0.2% (working Soltn) 250ml ALG.250ML
Light Green Counterstain 0.2% (working Soltn) 500ml ALG.500ML
Light Green Counterstain 0.5% (working Soltn) 250ml ALG5.250ML
Light Green Counterstain 0.5% (working Soltn) 500ml ALG5.500ML
Light Green Counterstain 2% Stock Solution 250ml ALGS.250ML
Light Green Counterstain 2% Stock Solution 500ml ALGS.500ML
Loefflers Fixative 500ml ALF.500ML
Loefflers Methylene Blue 500ml ALMB.500ML
Lugol’s Iodine 100ml AIL.100ML
Lugol’s Iodine 500ml AIL.500ML
Lugol’s Iodine 4 Litre AIL.4L

Description Size Code
Malachite Green 0.5% aq. 500ml AMGR.500ML
Malachite Green 0.5% aq. 1 Litre AMGR.1L
Malachite Green 0.5% aq. 2.5 Litre AMGR.2.5
Malachite Green 1% Aq. 500ml AMGR1.500ML
Malachite Green 1% Aq. 1 Litre AMGR1.1L
Malachite Green 1% Aq. 2.5 Litre AMGR1.2.5L
Malachite Green 2% Aq. 500ml AMGR2.500ML
Malachite Green 2% Aq. 1 Litre AMGR2.1L
Malachite Green 2% Aq. 2.5 Litre AMGR2.2.5L
Malachite Green 3% Aq 500ml AMGR3.500ML
Malachite Green 3% Aq. 1 Litre AMGR3.1L
Malachite Green 3% Aq. 2.5 Litre AMGR3.2.5L
Malachite Green 5% Aq. 500ml AMGR5.100ML
Malachite Green Sat.Aq 1 Litre AMGRS.1L
Methylene Blue 1% 500ml AMB.500ML
Methylene Blue 1% 1 Litre AMB.1L

Description Size Code
Neufuchsin Carbol 500ml ANF.500ML
Neutral Red 0.2% Alcoholic Twort’s Stain B 250ml ANRT.250ML
Neutral Red 0.2% Alcoholic Twort’s Stain B 500ml ANRT.500ML
Neutral Red 0.2% Alcoholic Twort’s Stain B 250ml AOA1.250ML
Neutral Red 0.2% Alcoholic Twort’s Stain B 500ml AOA1.500ML
Neutral Red 1% Aq. 250ml ANR1.250ml
Neutral Red 1% Aq. 500ml ANR1.500ml
Neutral Red Stain Jensen’s Mod. 500ml ANR.500ML
Neutral Red Stain Jensen’s Mod. 1 Litre ANR.1 L
Newman-Lampert Stain Craven’s Mod. 100ml ANLS.100ML
Newman-Lampert Stain Craven’s Mod. 500ml ANLS.500ML
Nuclear Fast Red Stain:- See Kernechtrot Red - -

Description Size Code
Oil Red “O” Fat Stain 100ml AORO.100ML

Description Size Code
Periodic Acid 1% Aq. 250ml APA.250ML
Periodic Acid 1% Aq. 500ml APA.500ML
Periodic Acid 1% Aq. 2.5 Litre APA.2.5L
Picric Acid Saturated Aq. 500ml API.500ML
Picric Acid Saturated Aq. 1 Litre API.1L

Description Size Code
Quick Dip:- See Rapid Diff. - -

Description Size Code
Rapid Diff. Stain Kit (Contains 1×2.5Litre Fixative, 1x500ml ea of Rapid Diff. No.1&2) Kit ARD.K
Rapid Diff. Stain No.1 500ml ARD1.500ML
Rapid Diff. Stain No.1 2.5 Litre ARD1.2.5L
Rapid Diff. Stain No.1 5 Litre ARD1.5L
Rapid Diff. Stain No.2 500ml ARD2.500ML
Rapid Diff. Stain No.2 2.5 Litre ARD2.2.5L
Rapid Diff. Stain No.2 5 Litre ARD2.5L
Ryan’s Trichrome For Ova, Cysts & Parasites 500ml ART.500ML

Description Size Code
SAF Collection Jars 100x70ml for Faecal O,C&P (Scoop included in Teal Cap) Ctn 100x70ml ASAFS.70ML
SAF Collection Jars 100x70ml for Faecal O,C&P. White Cap. Ctn 100x70ml ASAF.70ML
SAF Collection Jars:- Contact us for Customisation - -
SAF Fixative for Faeces 2.5 Litre ASAF.2.5L
SAF Fixative for Faeces 5 Litre ASAF.5L
SAF Fixative for Faeces 10 Litre ASAF.10L
SAF Fixative for Faeces 20 Litre ASAF.20L
Saffranin “O” 0.5% aq. 500ml ASO.500ML
Saffranin “O” 0.5% aq. 1 Litre ASO.1L
Saffranin “O” 0.5% aq. 2.5 Litre ASO.2.5L
Saffranin “O” 1% aq. 1 Litre ASO1.1L
Schiff Reagent Lillie 100ml ASCL.100ML
Schiff Reagent Lillie 500ml ASCL.500ML
Schiff Reagent Lillie 4 Litre ASCL.4L
Schiff Reagent McManus 100ml ASC.100ML
Schiff Reagent McManus 6x100ml ASC.600ML
Schiff Reagent McManus 500ml ASC.500ML
Schiff Reagent McManus 4 Litre ASC.4L
Seminal Diluting Fluid 1 Litre ASDF.1L
Stain Remover Romanowsky, Schiff, Fuchsins & Haematoxylins 1 Litre ASR.1L
Sudan Black Lipid Stain 100ml ASB.100ML

Description Size Code
Toluidine Blue 0.2% in Borate 100ml ATB02.100ML
Toluidine Blue 0.5% Aq. 500ml ATB.500ML
Twort’s Stain:- See Fast Green Twort’s A, and Neutral Red 0.2% Alc. Twort’s B - -

Description Size Code
Van Gieson Stain (Lillie’s Mod) 100ml AVG.100ML
Van Gieson Stain (Lillie’s Mod) 250ml AVG.250ML
Van Gieson Stain (Lillie’s Mod) 500ml AVG.500ML

Description Size Code
Wheatley Trichrome 500ml AWT.500ML

Description Size Code
Xylene AR (low sulphur) 4 Litre AX.4L
Xylene AR (low sulphur) 10 Litre AX.10L
Xylene AR (low sulphur) 20 Litre AX.20L

Description Size Code
Zamboni’s Fixative 1 Litre AZF.1L
Zeihl Neelsen Kit for TB.Micro. (Conc.Carbol fuchsin, Acid Alcohol, Methylene Blue x500ml ea.) Kit AZNM.K

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